Come Ready Or Never Start







5 simple words.

Taken separately there is nothing special about any of them.  

But bundle them together in a simple and succinct declaration…and they define an attitude…a way of life.

Come Ready Or Never Start.

It’s a simple yet powerful mentality that I feel allows individuals of all ages to best reach their full potential and  achieve their goals in life.

My name is Pat Cavanaugh, founder of the Come Ready Or Never StartTM mentality system that I strongly believe can positively affect the lives of young people. 

It did mine–allowing me to  achieve athletic and life goals that most people thought were not possible.

The purpose of this blog is to show you how the Come Ready Or Never StartTM philosophy can greatly assist both kids and their parents experience the full potential that youth and interscholastic sports has to offer. 

I am a strong believer that sport participation by young people can teach kids life lessons that will allow them to succeed to their fullest abilities-both in athletics, in school and with their eventual adult careers. 

But I also firmly feel that parents can use the Come Ready Or Never StartTM mentality system to help their children best experience the fullest joy of athletic participation. It will also be providing guidance so that athletics can properly teach their children the values and attitudes they will need to best succeed in both sports and school.

Since its inception the Come Ready Or Never StartTM philosophy has been a powerful motivator to athletes of all ages.  It spawned a performance apparel brand-Crons® ( ) – specializing in athletic gear that champions the mentality that it takes to be successful. 

It is my goal with this blog to show how the Come Ready or Never Start  mentality system can guide both children and their parents so they can work together to make the experience of athletics be a powerful and meaningful one in their lives-both as a builder of character and a way of achieving life goals that they may have thought out of reach.


2 Responses to “Come Ready Or Never Start”

  1. I may b a little biased because I played on the Pitt basketball team with CRONS founder Pat Cavanaugh.But the facts that can’t b denied are;that here was a guy who didnt arrive as a blue chip All American like myself and alot of our teammates.And who wasn’t the biggest, highest jumping or fastest. But applied a work ethic & determined attitude to earn the respect of all.It doesn’t surprise me, not in the least bit, that Pat & the CRONS brand are successful. Come Right Or Never Start! I’m feeling that.

    • Great stuff Pat, I wish you well in your endeavors to teach and inspire youth and parents alike through the CRONS philosophies. I’m 38 years old and am training to play professional beach volleyball on the AVP Tour again…something I did about a decade ago. Just wanted to let you know the CRONS message resonates with me as well.

      Thanks for doing some good. 🙂

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